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Thank you for selecting YouTube Promotion Service. we’ve got an inclination to tend to grasp your preference. YouTube Promotion Service has the authority to form changes or modifications to this agreement at any time. The user will notice the most recent revision date to the user terms and conditions agreement at the lowest of this page. it’s the user’s responsibility to stay current on all changes created. By victimization this computing device, you’re bound to settle for all past, current, and future user terms and conditions among this agreement.

Payment And Security:

YouTube Promotion Service customers will use cash transfers or credit cards for payments. MasterCard information is secured with SSL and 3D secure systems.
a) cash transfer: among the payment technique, customers will build a cash transfer to our company’s bank accounts. International customers will use the international business or on-line payment systems.
b) Credit Card: Our payment system accepts VISA and MasterCard credit cards. shopper MasterCard information stays out of reach from our workers and shopper services. MasterCard information is under-protected by the Associate in Nursing SSL security system.

Use of Cookis:

Cookies are little text files for surveilling page visitors’ behaviors. Our service and net pages use cookies to upgrade themselves. guests have to be compelled to alter cookies to urge higher services.
Cookies modification page owners to establish what proportion guests are on the page, what guests do on the page, and wherever guests came from. (Google, code or others)

Email Security:

Customers shouldn’t share their personal information and MasterCard information in emails. we’ve got an inclination to tend to don’t have a mail-order system. Customer’s email address protects in step with our privacy policy.

Website Use and Copyright:

YouTube Promotion Service holds full holding rights to any or all content, additionally as photos with the exclusion of pictures from third parties. Permission from YouTube Promotion Service has to be compelled to lean before any content or photos is to boot utilized by anyone else. Everything belongs to YouTube Promotion Service and any third parties that have obtained permission.

Exceptional things:

The company reserves to form changes on their privacy policy in these situations;
1- If governmental authorizations need shopper information.
2- In lawful liabilities, the corporate will share shopper information with authorities.
3- In necessary things for shopper security.

Limitation of Liability:

The user agrees to not hold YouTube Promotion Service or anyone related to YouTube Promotion Service, below no circumstances, for any claim regarding any breach of the terms or conditions of this agreement. The user conjointly agrees to not hold YouTube Promotion Service or anyone administrative unit is connected to YouTube Promotion Service in control of any reasonably losses or damages of any kind which will arise whereas victimization this computing device.


YouTube Promotion Service has the right to form corrections to any errors found on its computing device whereas not previous notice. though we’ve got an inclination to tend to feel in our accuracy, there is to boot rare occasions once a mistake might occur, and thru this case, corrections have to be compelled to surface with no delays.
The company might keep the non-public information of its customers. Reasons for keeping personal information are a bit like the following:
a) Membership: we’ve got an inclination to tend to might keep information like your username, firm info, signaling, and email address.
b) Campaigns: Our company might contact you by victimization your personal information to send a message relating to our discount opportunities and such.
c) Errors: If any error happens in our services, we’ll use your email and sign to tell you relating to it.
d) Partnership: it’s potential that we’ll share your communication data for statistics ANd surveys so on develop Associate in Nursing improved business started. we’ll share our clients’ digital data with our co-partners for the same reasons.
We might keep our clients’ information, however, we’ve got an inclination to tend to cannot share it with third-party organizations. Classified information of our purchasers is in our protection, and if third-party organizations would be able to reach this information, we’ve got an inclination to tend to want responsibility for wrongdoing.

Age Limits:

By victimization this computing device, YouTube Promotion Service, you want to warrant merely|that you just} merely ar a minimum of below the oversight of a parent or trustee administrative unit agrees and accepts the User Terms and Conditions Agreement.


The user agrees to use YouTube Promotion Service responsibly and just for the intention that it’s designed to be used. The user agrees to not commit to modification one issue on the positioning or compromise the safety of the net web site.


When ordering any service from the U.S, you perceive merely {that you just} merely are paying the U.S. to manage a social media ad on third party websites.

Confidential information:

YouTube Promotion Service the info merely {that you just} merely send the USA to finish your order. we’ve got an inclination to tend to conjointly use your information to send you forthcoming promotions, coupons, and information relating to any third-party websites merely {that you just} merely may even be interested in. YouTube Promotion Service ne’er sells your information to anyone.

Money-Back Guarantee:

If a shopper desires a refund, they’re going to contact the U.S. via chat support or phone to submit requirement participation. All transactions are refundable if a tangle persists. Our shopper service team can return to you within twenty-four hours.

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